Edilsystem srl, with almost 30 years of experience in structural consolidation sector, has developed new reinforcement systems as an alternative to traditional techniques (increase of resistant sections, beton paqué, armed plasters, grout or resins  injections, etc…)

The goal of Edilsystem is securing the existing buildings, public and private, in case of earthquakes, disasters, and more.

The company, during the works, is able to address the solutions in a comprehensive and integrated manner, providing maximum assistance to each designer, private or public entity, offering a complete service.

Edilsystem can perform:

Feasibility study and consultation

Diagnostica strutturale degli edifici, con indagini e prove strumentali distruttive e non distruttive, al fine di valutare la consistenza dell’edificio o struttura oggetto di intervento e determinarne il livello di conoscenza, eseguite da professionisti, operanti a livello nazionale, ed impegnati anche a livello normativo in questo delicato settore.

Valutazione preventiva della fattibilità dell’intervento e valutazione tecnico economica per determinare la convenienza dell’intervento con l’utilizzo dei materiali compositi.

Approximate project and detailed quotation

Detailed analysis of the costs of intervention and evaluation of necessary working time and of the most suitable materials to be used.

Executive project

Calcolo dei sistemi di rinforzo according to current technical regulations, especially for the seismic upgrading and the determination of the state of the structure after the intervention of reinforcement with evaluation of the advantages obtained after the intervention.


Comsidering the specific nature of the applications, operators are highly trained and are working under the constant supervision of specialists of the sector.

Construction management and related seismic vulnerability tests and diagnostic analyzes pre / post intervention.